Researching in Georgia - Taliaferro, Toliver, Lawrence, Brewer, Askew, Dorsey, Jackson, Poole, Butler, Allen, Gilbert, Crawford, Middlebrooks, Gates, Parks, Thompson, Alford, Favors, Guise, and related surnames.

17 November 2009

Tombstone Tuesday: Another Rock Springs Cemetery...The Search Continues

These are photos of the cemetery at Rock Springs Baptist Church located in McDonough, Henry Co., GA. This is an active African American Church and Cemetery. Sadly, there are numerous graves marked only with stones, others with unreadable funeral home markers and, of course, many with no markers at all.

My search for the burial place of my great grandfather, John Wesley Taliaferro, has become somewhat of an obsession. I have this nagging feeling that just will not go away; I know that cemetery is out there somewhere just waiting for me to find it. My ancestors' Taliaferro slave owners and their collateral families lived and owned land in the McDonough, Henry Co., GA area along Jonesboro Road. Some of my ancestors were born in Henry Co., and many lived on Jonesboro Road, so this cemetery was a real possibility for the burial place of my ancestors. Unfortunately, the transcription for this cemetery did not contain the names of any of my ancestors. Other than the cemetery transcription, I have not found any records on the church or cemetery. A trip to the Georgia Archives did not produce any additional information. I am searching for something to connect my Taliaferro ancestors to this church/cemetery.

In September 2009, I posted Tombstone Tuesday - Rock Springs Cemetery...Not. My brother Bernard and I thought we had found “the” Rock Springs Cemetery, but we were wrong. According to their death certificates, John Wesley, his brother Bob Toliver (aka Robert Taliaferro), and another relative Alex Poole (exact relationship undetermined) were buried at Rock Springs Cemetery. Recently, I discovered that several of their neighbors were also buried there; they are Ison Wilson, Robert Wilson and William Wilson. I’m not sure if my Taliaferros are related to these Wilsons, but you know I’m checking into that as well. So far I have found six people who are buried at Rock Springs Cemetery, including my ancestors.

Unintentionally, I think I have made finding this cemetery, and honoring all those who are buried there, one of my research goals. It just doesn’t seem right that these six people, and probably many others are buried in this cemetery and no one knows (or cares) where it is, or who they are. I hope to find out. Wish me luck in my quest.


  1. I wish you much luck in your quest, and I hope you find exactly what you want. (and I hope the stones/cemetery is still there) We traveled to Kentucky in 2005, and even though my gr-gr-grandfather's will had stated to purchase him a stone as large as his wife's, someone had already done away with both stones, and the several other stones in that cemetery and were farming over it. How sad. How wrong. We've had that happen here in our county, too. I hope your search is rewarded with much happier news!

  2. What a great post -- and great cemetery photos! I love following you. Good Luck! :)

  3. Sandra, go girl. I do love following one with such passion.

  4. Sandra, what a great post. I enjoyed the pictures and hearing about your passion for the search. Keep letting that be your guide. The ancestors want to be known for all that they were in this life, I believe.

  5. Sandra,

    Great post. Love the pictures of the cemetery. Have you checked to see if there may be a publication from the county's historical society that might tell you where it's located. Another thought, is check with an local undertaker who knows the area fairly well.

    I used both to determine where my ggrandfather Pierce was buried and that he more than likey had a stone / marker that had his name on it. I still haven't made it to the cemetery but did find a volunteer to confirm it for it me. He also took pictures and e-mailed them to me.

  6. The Interview at Geneablogger brought me here, and I am so happy it did. I love cemetery photos. I really like the setting with the pine trees, in the top one. Each marker tells a story, and I love ancestor stores!


  7. What a great project to be working towards! Sadly, there are so many cemeteries across America that have been forgotten and those buried there may never be found. I wish you luck in finding your ancestors.