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29 November 2009

Sentimental Sunday-Family Reunion

This is a photo of my MIDDLEBROOKS family taken one Christmas in the mid to late 1960's. Whenever I look at this picture it makes me smile and warms my heart. It makes me long for a FAMILY REUNION. When I was a little girl, we would go down to my mother’s hometown of Woodbury, GA in Meriwether County for Homecoming Sunday. Other than the vague memories of these events, I don’t recall attending a family reunion. One of my greatest desires is to have a TALIAFERRO family reunion. I’m talking about an “official” family reunion- meet and greet, cookout at the park, tee shirts, family worship-a weekend of family fun and fellowship. My brother and cousins tell me there has never been a TALIAFERRO Family Reunion. The idea has been bounced around, but no one has actually taken the initiative and put one together. Maybe that someone will be me.


  1. That's a great picture. Is that you standing in the middle?
    I've also always longed to be a part of a family that has reunions. My Yarboroughs have had two - one in 1993, and another just a couple of years ago. Both were nice, but kind of strange because the different branches didn't know each other, and everyone just kind of stayed with who they knew. Once the reunions were over, there were really not many new relationships formed - everyone just went back to where they came from, and that was that! Oh, well. I don't mean to discourage you. I'm sure yours won't turn out like that!
    Thanks so much for participating in Sentimental Sunday! :)


  2. I have a huge collateral family line, huge I tell you. Though there have been some reunions of the other lines I have never been to one. Many of mine would only speak French so language would be a barrier.
    I would suggest you assign some sort of teamwork event at yours to "encourage" family from different lines to have to work and talk together. Maybe a scavenger hunt of names or birth dates.
    All my favorite music is from the 60's and oh the hair and clothes. Lol.

  3. Hmmm, sounds like the family reunion ball is in your court & on your heart. Maybe this is your work to do San?

    Since I KNOW that I am a cousin somewhere along the surname line, I'll be right there with you!:-)


  4. This is a great photo! I too have always wanted to attend an "official" family reunion, maybe someday! I just found out that my Ijames line gets together once a year - may have that opportunity after all. Hope yours comes together for you too!

  5. Renate, Lori, Luckie, and Gini,

    Thanks for the encouraging comments. I sure hope this reunion comes together someday soon.

    And...yes Renate, that me!