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25 November 2009

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY SURPRISE-The Coca-Cola Cooperage Facility, Atlanta, GA-Circa 1924

My friend Luckie Daniels of Our Georgia Roots has given me a wonderful Thanksgiving surprise. Today in my email were pictures of the Coca-Cola Cooperage Facility. This is one of those photos. Luckie has been assisting me in obtaining information on the factory where my ancestor David Toliver (aka David Taliaferro) worked as a barrel maker or “cooper” for the Coca-Cola Company here in Atlanta, GA. I don’t know what years David worked as a cooper for the Coca-Cola Company, or how long he was employed there; the 1910 census indicates that David was working for a cooperage company, and his 1951 death certificate indicates that he was a cooper for the “CoCola Co”.  I don't know if David is among the employees pictured here. I’d like to think that he is. I hope to find more evidence to connect David with the Coca-Cola company, and his work as a cooper. In the mean time, I am blissfully happy and thankful to have these photos.

Luckie and Phil Mooney, the Director of Heritage Communications at the Coca-Cola Company, have come through big time with this one. I cannot thank them enough for this glimpse into my ancestor’s past.

[Image Source: Coca-Cola Archives; courtesy of Phil Mooney, Director of Heritage Communications; email from Luckie Daniels to Sandra Taliaferro, 25 November 2009.]


  1. I am so happy for you San! I was just as thrilled to see what Phil was able to track down for us!

    I wholeheartedly believe Cousin David is represented in this image -- look at how it came to us? Do we really believe it was just a fluke?

    One of the "gifts" of being a part of the Genealogy community is being the beneficiary of MANY random acts of kindness.

    It feels good to return the love! ENJOY!:-)


  2. Hey San,
    This is great. I'm glad Luckie was able to come through for you.
    On another note, I read your comment on her post about this being your first T-giving without your mom. I'm sorry that I didn't remember that earlier. I pray that you've had a good day, and I know that her spirit is with you.
    For me, it's been the first time I didn't go pick my mom up and bring her here for Thanksgiving dinner. It was just my youngest daughter and me, and since my mom is no longer walking at all, we decided to just go over this evening and take her some dessert. It was strange and different, but it worked out for the best.
    Anyway, I pray that you are having a good evening. :)


  3. Thank you so much, for sharing a photo of people at work at their occupation!
    I've been thinking of suggesting a Carnival of Occupation photos... I recently realized how few I actually have, and how meaningful and valuable each is to me.
    Keep the stories coming...
    Thanks, again,

    Bill ;-)

  4. Thanks Renate and Bill, and again a special thanks to Luckie. This is a truegenealogical gem, for sure. I feel confident that one or more of my ancestors are in this picture. I just discovered that another relative was also a cooper. I guess it was a family thing!!

  5. Luckie is just a genealogy ANGEL, really. This was such a wonderfully kind gesture & I can only imagine how it made you feel. It's a great photograph to boot.