Researching in Georgia - Taliaferro, Toliver, Lawrence, Brewer, Askew, Dorsey, Jackson, Poole, Butler, Allen, Gilbert, Crawford, Middlebrooks, Gates, Parks, Thompson, Alford, Favors, Guise, and related surnames.

02 February 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Rock Springs Cemetery - Lest I Forget

Last year I wrote about my search for Rock Springs Cemetery, the burial place for my great grandfather John Wesley Taliaferro, his brother Bob Toliver, and Alex Poole another relative whose relationship remains undetermined. I am still trying to confirm the exact location of the cemetery. I thought if I found others who were buried at the cemetery their records might give some clue to the location. I did find other burials, but all that’s stated on these death certificates is the name “Rock Springs” - no exact location. In my November 2009 post I promised to find and honor others buried in Rock Springs Cemetery, specifically those who lived in the same communities as my ancestors. I have searched through hundreds of Georgia death certificates available online in the Georgia Virtual Vault. So far I have found 15 persons, including my ancestors, whose death certificate indicates the burial place was Rock Springs Cemetery. Not a very large number, but I am proud. I wish I could identify with certainty their burial place. Maybe it is the Rock Springs Cemetery in Henry County, McDonough, GA that was the subject of my November 2009 post. It seems the most likely candidate. Yet, none of these names appear on any of the headstones. There is no finality. Maybe their remains are covered by the soil, weeds, and grass of the many unmarked graves. Maybe they lay beneath the graves marked only with a crude rock or stone. I picked this photo because of the little pink and white flower to the right of the stones that just happened to be there the day of my visit.  Maybe it was a sign that someone was buried there...Maybe he was...Maybe she could be...Maybe they are... Maybe....Maybe... Maybe....

Here, at the beginning of Black History Month, it seems an appropriate time to honor those buried in Rock Springs Cemetery. No, they are not the “typical” persons we think of during Black History Month. But, that does not diminish their importance as people- as African Americans who shared our history, our culture, our struggle. Each was someone’s child, and probably a mother or father, sister or brother. Some were most likely friends and neighbors. East Point and Hapeville were and still are neighboring communities here in the Atlanta metro area. No doubt some were probably related-Davis...Jackson...Wilson. Definitely, others were-Taliaferro...Toliver...Poole. All were God’s children who lived, loved, laughed, cried, and died. Gone, but remembered and loved by somebody, somewhere:

*DAVIS (née Ross), Mary Alice (d. 1926) East Point, GA

*DAVIS, James A. (D. 1926) East Point, GA

*DORSEY, Dennis (d. 1922) Atlanta, GA

*FULLER (née Jackson), Lizzie (d. 1925) East Point, GA

*JACKSON, Marry C. (d. 1923) East Point, GA

*JACKSON (née Johnson), Cornelia (d. 1925) Atlanta, GA

*JACKSON, Mary (d. 1927) East Point, GA

*POOLE, Alex (d. 1923) East Point, GA

*ROSS (née Jackson), Dollie J. (d. 1927) East Point, GA

*SEAGRAVES, Rueban J. (d. 1922) East Point, GA

*TALIAFERRO, J W (d. 1922) East Point, GA

*TOLIVER, Bob (d. 1920) East Point, GA

*WILSON, Ison (d. 1921) Hapeville, GA

*WILSON, Robert (d. 1923) Hapeville, GA

*WILSON, William (d. 1926) Hapeville, GA

Maybe someone will happen upon this post and reclaim their long lost ancestor.  THIS IS MY PRAYER.


  1. How very frustrating to not be able to find the cemetery. It's bad enough to find the cemetery and not be able to find the gravesites. I hope one day you will be able to find it and locate the resting place of all these dear people.

  2. Sandra,

    I really enjoy how you always seem to word things perfectly. I pray that one day you are able to find the cemetery.

  3. San, you always think of just the right things to say, and you say them so beautifully. I just posted a Tombstone Tuesday right before I came here to read yours. I, too, posted a picture of the grave of someone unknown to me, and shared a bit about my journey into a historically black cemetery. See

    It didn't even occur to me to post the names of the many others whose graves I photographed that day, although I did submit each and every one to Find-A-Grave. Kudos to you for having such great insight. Maybe later, I'll go in and add the names of the others to my post.


  4. Sandra and I were related through Martha Dorsey. Martha's brother Back married Emeline Gilbert. Emelines' mother was Huldah/Huldy a slave of the Taliaferros of Georgia and South Carolina. Huldah and (Sandra ancestor) John and Miles all were slaves of Richard Taliaferro who married Susan mobly/Moberly of Chester, S.C. Since Sandras' passing..I have no knowledge of any who are continuing her research. Would there be anyone interested in continuing with .me? Thank you, lucretia malone on Facebook.