Researching in Georgia - Taliaferro, Toliver, Lawrence, Brewer, Askew, Dorsey, Jackson, Poole, Butler, Allen, Gilbert, Crawford, Middlebrooks, Gates, Parks, Thompson, Alford, Favors, Guise, and related surnames.

16 September 2009

Wordless Wednesday "John Robert Taliaferro"

From: Arthur Bunyan Caldwell, ed., History Of The American Negro And His Institutions, Georgia Edition (Atlanta: A. B. Caldwell Publishing Co.,1917), 353


  1. Sandra, I really like this picture! Of course, since this was wordless, I had to look Mr. Taliaferro up, and I read the wonderful article that accompanied this picture. I know you much have been ecstatic whenever you found it, because it was chock-full of information about your family! This is great - what a kind-hearted, intelligent, and humble man he was. :)

  2. Renate,

    Thanks so much for the kind words. Actually, a copy of this article was one of the first things I received from my newly discovered cousin back in 2005. You're right, I was very excited by all the family info it contained. Not only did it provide tons of new information, it also confirmed some of the things I already had from my research.


  3. I want the story San -- post it to your site for historical & genealogical purposes!

    Don't worry -- my Wednesdays are NEVER 100% Wordless... it's our Genealogy, we can write the rules as we please!:-)


  4. I enjoyed reading about your grandfather. Yes, I'm another that had to go check out google books. How wonderful that this information is available to you

  5. Thank's Luckie and Mavis.

    Luckie-I am feeling my way through this a little at a time. But, you sound like my brother. He's always on my case about sticking to the rules. :)