Researching in Georgia - Taliaferro, Toliver, Lawrence, Brewer, Askew, Dorsey, Jackson, Poole, Butler, Allen, Gilbert, Crawford, Middlebrooks, Gates, Parks, Thompson, Alford, Favors, Guise, and related surnames.

30 August 2009


Well, here I go; I am finally taking that leap into the world of genealogy blogs. I am Clueless. Over the past months I have come to see genealogy, African American Genealogy in particular, in a whole new light. Who knew all of you were out there, researching and blogging away…I was Clueless. But, I have been following many of you religiously over the past month or so with great interest and delight. Along with researching, reading genealogy blogs became a new favorite pastime. I have been inspired by your words, research techniques, knowledge, willingness to help others and, above all, your desire to tell the stories of your ancestors. Thanks to all of you who are out there sharing your journey. I want to say a special thanks to my "cousin" Luckie Daniels who unknowingly influenced my decision to take this next step in my research. I am totally addicted to your Our Georgia Roots!

Being the ultimate procrastinator I could keep putting this off until the end of time, easily. But, it's time to move forward. September is my birthday month, and just around the corner so what better time is there to step out of my comfort zone, and try something new. It’s not the writing-I’m a paralegal and spend about 90 percent of my day writing so I'm fairly comfortable with pen in hand so to speak. It’s not the sharing-I enjoy taking about my research, exchanging research tips, and sharing with others if I have information they can use. It’s the public aspect-I am no longer quietly lurking in the background throwing in my 0.02 worth every now and then. That was comfortable, and easy. Also, I tend to keep most of the thoughts about my research in my head-not a very good place to be lately, and I know I should write more of it down. However, I had not intended to do it in such a public manner. But, here I am; ready, willing, and able, but Clueless.
I was just as Clueless about my Taliaferro roots when I began researching in 2003. I know more now than I knew then, but there is still much to discover and many more brick walls to break through. I am not as Clueless as I once was, but I am more eager than before to know who "my" Taliaferros were because…..
I Never Knew My Father.


  1. My 0.02 cents my dear is that you are FAR from clueless -- this is your DESTINY!

    The Ancestors make no mistakes. They know the gameplan even when we don't!

    Keep that pen in hand, you have stories to tell...


  2. Congratulations on starting a genealogy blog! Ask people like Luckie and others - it is a very rewarding experience!

    Thomas MacEntee

  3. Thanks Luckie and Thomas. I am happy to be a part of this community, and look forward to all there is to learn.

  4. Sandra,
    First of all, even though I'm still pretty much a neophyte blogger myself, let me welcome you! I'm so glad you started your blog, and I can already tell that I'm going enjoy being one of your readers. I like your style!

    Your middle paragraph describes my thoughts and feelings to a TEE! You've expressed my exact feelings as I comtemplated, and then entered the world of blogging back in July. I just want to snatch that paragraph right off of your page and put it on mine (but I won't)! LOL...

    Well, Luckie certainly did cast a spell over several of us this summer, didn't she? Can't wait to read more...


  5. Welcome to the brave new world of blogging, Sandra!

    You will see that just "putting it on paper" can help you see old evidence in a new light. And the added exposure may lead to new family connections!

  6. Thanks Renate and Michael.

    Renate-I feel the same way when reading your posts. Many of your feelings mirror mine. This was especially true of your first post. Yes, Luckie is pulling s in one by one, and I guessthat's a good thing.

  7. Sandra,


    You are well on your way!
    The Ancestors will 'Guide' you!

    "Guided by the Ancestors"